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Esk Moors Active Ltd is now registered with a not-for-profit online fundraising website called 'The Giving Machine' which enables online shoppers to give cash donations to their chosen charity for free. If you log onto and choose 'Esk Moors Active Ltd' as your beneficiary you will then be directed to over 360 top sites, which include Amazon, Debenhams, M&S, Next, Boots, Tesco, Sainsbury's and B&Q. When you buy from these sites via The Giving Machine website, a percentage from the shop is donated to your chosen beneficiary (Esk Moors Active Ltd). This does not cost you anything!

Follow these steps to register as a Supporter:

1. Go to website:       
Enter: 'Esk Moors Active Ltd' on the purple line where it says 'Find a school or charity to support', and press 'Go'

2. The Search currently comes up with two possible charities - choose 'Esk Moors Active Ltd, Ainthorpe Whitby' and put '100 per cent donation' in the box beside the name if you are supporting just one beneficiary. (You can support up to 4 beneficiaries and divide any donations in a proportion of your choice - this is something that you can adjust later when you manage your account.)

3. Create a 'Giving Account' with your name, email address and home address (you don't give any bank details because the money doesn't come from you - it comes from the store where you are buying).

4. You can choose email preferences for receiving news/info from The Giving Machine, and privacy preferences (e.g. whether your name is displayed on the beneficiary page as a Supporter). This is also where you would close your account if you would like to do so in the future.

5. Next time you go online shopping at any major store (most are covered by The Giving Machine), first go to the Giving Machine website, then press 'Shop' (the big purple button in the middle of the home page) and then choose the shop where you want to buy things online from a long list of shops. For example, if you choose Amazon, you will see that as long as you access the Amazon site via the Giving Machine site then Amazon will donate 3.75 per cent of the purchase price to your chosen charity - Esk Moors Active Ltd! Your 'Giving Account' will show this donation within 4 days. It costs you nothing to do this. (You'll see from the list that each shop donates different amounts - and some shops specify exclusions. Ebay, for example, donates 22.5 per cent of the eBay fees, not the purchase price.)

The Giving Machine will pay the donations to EMA Ltd via monthly bank transfers - sometimes there can be a delay for the monies to come through from the shops but it will eventually be transferred to the EMA account.

6. To remind you to shop via The Giving Machine website, it might be helpful to have a bookmark to their website on your 'bookmarks bar'.

How this works: When you buy online via The Giving Machine website (, a sales commission is received from the participating shop; a percentage of this is converted into a donation on your behalf and sent to your chosen beneficiary (Esk Moors Active Ltd).

Please spread the word - and thank you for your continued support.

log into the giving machine website here